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Insurance and Pricing

Insurance and Pricing

IN NETWORK with the following. 


Each plan still must be verified for eligibility and benefits, as each plan is unique and acupuncture benefits are not guaranteed. If you are not covered, it is still worth exploring our clinic and paying out of pocket. When it comes to finding a good acupuncture physician, you do get what you pay for, and we have multi-packs to make an acupuncture plan affordable. Medicare is not accepted

  • United Healthcare

  • Cigna 

  • Sutter Health Plus

  • California Schools VEBA

  • NexusACO NR

  • Nexus ACO R

  •  Clarispointe

  • Corvel

  • Coventry

  • Healthsmart

  • Multiplan

  • Prime Health Services


*Various network directories are in circulation for (1) to five (5) years with outdated information about participation. You may find us included with networks such as American Specialty Health, Aetna, or Anthem, however this is inaccurate and we are out of network at this time. 

Image by National Cancer Institute

Price List 2022

Prompt - Pay, Non - Insurance Rates 

HSA & FSA cards welcome​

$180 First Appointment

$110 Follow Up

Multi-Pack Discounts for follow ups 



($50 discount)



($200 discount)

All major credit cards are accepted except for AMEX

Out of pocket patients are responsible for any and all administrative work, superbills may be provided for out of network benefits to be self-submitted.

Price list is considered "prompt pay", which is a discounted rate, and not the same as "insurance schedule" rates. Insurance companies are billed at a pre-established insurance schedule rate which they will reimburse a negotiated smaller portion of. This is not made publicly available. Please don't hesitate to inquire directly for questions about your explanation of benefits after a claim comes back. We will give you more detailed information than your insurance networks customer service line, but it is a complex process that we follow in order to stay in network.

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