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Insurance and Pricing


Price List (2024)

HSA & FSA cards welcome​

$225 First Appointment

$120 Follow Up

Multi-Pack Discount for follow ups 



($50 discount)

All major credit cards are accepted except for AMEX

Out of pocket patients are responsible for any and all administrative work, superbills may be provided for out of network benefits to be self-submitted. We are a fully cash practice, out of network with all insurance networks, due to most insurance networks requiring networking through American Specialty Health (ASH).

Price list is considered "prompt pay", which is a discounted rate, and not the same as "insurance schedule" rates. Insurance companies are billed at a pre-established insurance schedule rate which they will reimburse a negotiated smaller portion of. This is not made publicly available. Please don't hesitate to inquire directly for questions about your explanation of benefits after a claim comes back. A "unit" of acupuncture is for time a physician is directly with a patient, not the total time you are in our office, along with many other legal stipulations that we follow regarding an insurance claim or superbill.


*Various network directories are in circulation for (1) to five (5) years with outdated information about participation. You may find us included with networks, however this is inaccurate and we are out of network with all networks including Cigna and United as of Dec 13, 2023.

Why did we leave insurance networks

This FAQ is due in part, with insurance companies in California deciding recently to prioritize revenue over patient care. Blue Shield, Anthem BC, and Aetna were the first to require a third party (American Specialty Health, or ASH) to run all their claims for chiropractic, acupuncture, and physical therapy. Cigna has begun to do the same outside CA and it's not long until they institute it here as well. By this way of indirect billing, agreeing to be in network with ASH, means taking fractional reimbursement, without any ability to recoup the difference from patients. Furthermore, ASH reduced the number of visits allowed per year, through manipulating approvals in small batches of visits. For example, a Blue Shield HMO with "20 visits" per year, would only allow 5 visits. To extract another 3-5 visits, a very intensive, arduous medical necessity form had to be filled out by a physician, which in my experience was often rejected after a total of 7 visits. Regardless of evidence, showing reduction of pain, increases to range of motion, and consumers asking directly... We were penalized for attempting to use all 20 of someone's "allotted annual" visits. In turn, Blue Shield and others saw record revenue years directly following their partnership with ASH. Myself, as well as many other specialists and leading physicians do not tolerate this way of doing business. They continue to recruit new physicians and businesses who do not have many patients or experience, to meet their minimum provider count per zip code and continue this practice.


Why are your rates so cheap (or so expensive)? 


We implement a number of cost cutting solutions to keep cash prices fair, including requiring online booking for follow ups, rather than staffing administrative employees to field the phones. In '24 we removed our outsourced billing staff, who took a high % and high minimums. However running a one-person does everything operation isn't very scalable, and new patient's are limited to join each month as a result.


In regards to pricing, we are a top tier doctoral level specialist clinic, which supersedes the barrier of entry by a large margin. However we remain competitive and below market value out of the love of treating sports athletes and competitors who do not yet have the means or sponsorships to receive these treatments given at the pro level.

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